Current Year Budget by Fund Group

General Education Fund

Revenues and expenses related to the University's state-appropriated budget as approved by the Iowa State Legislature and the Board of Regents of the State of Iowa.

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Revenues and expenses related to patient care operations, including state-supported care programs.  This section includes the University Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, Center for Disabilities and Development, and Specialized Child Health Services.

Other Appropriated Units

Revenues and expenses approved by the Iowa State legislature for specific purposes.
State Hygienic Laboratory
Oakdale Campus
Family Practice Program
Special Purpose Appropriations

Restricted Funds

This fund group includes the following fund types:

  • Organized Activities - Revenues and expenses for activities such as conferences and institutes, continuing education, and faculty practice clinics.
  • Auxiliary Enterprises - Revenues and expenses related to substantially self-supporting activities that primarily perform a service to students, faculty, and staff (for example, Athletics and Residence Services).
  • Current Restricted Funds - Revenues and expenses which are restricted by a donor or outside agency as to a specific purpose(s) for which they may be expended (for example, grants and gifts).
  • Plant Funds - Revenues and expenses related to investments in permanent or long-lived assets.