Records Management


The intent of The University of Iowa's Records Management Program (RMP) is to provide information for people, departments and colleges to manage their records effectively and efficiently.

In order to operate University departments efficiently, departmental personnel must not only have a knowledge of what records are generated in the course of doing business, but how they are organized and utilized in the day-to-day activities of the department.

The value of records differs across campus depending on their administrative/operational, fiscal, legal and historical functions. The RMP is designed to assure that valuable institutional records will be preserved while providing economy and efficiency in the creation, organization, maintenance, use and disposition of records.

The Official Records Retention Schedule is intended to be available for use by University departments to assist departments in meeting record retention guidelines.

Official Records are: (1) Records having the legally recognized and judicially enforceable quality of establishing some fact, policy, or institutional position or decision. (2) The single official copy of a document maintained on file by an administrative unit of the University which is usually, but not always, the original. (3) Subject to the records retention requirements included in the Records Management Program and Retention Schedule.

For questions related to this policy and program, please contact the Finance and Operations Office of the University Secretary at (319) 335-3552.