Recruitment Records

Record Description: 

Recruitment records include position postings/requisitions, resumes, CVs, job applications, reference letters, letters of recommendation, and all recruitment/search documents (e.g., writing samples, portfolios) for applicants to positions within a department for all position types (merit, student, faculty, and P&S).
This policy also pertains to all recruitment records received or created to process appointments via an approved search waiver or temporary hires made using the Temporary Jobs Posting system.
Many recruitment records are received and stored within central university systems, i.e., Jobs@UIowa and OTAC. Hiring departments are not required to maintain paper or duplicate electronic copies of these records.
For recruitment records that are received outside of central university systems, (including those sent directly to the hiring department, e.g., writing samples, portfolios), these records must be maintained either by hardcopy or electronically by the hiring department.

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UI Retention Guidelines: 

5 Years following the closure of a search or the appointment of the employee.





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