Waterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center Budget Narrative

State Appropriation $158,641

The Larned A. Waterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center (INRC) is a university-wide interdisciplinary center that strengthens Iowa’s nonprofit sector through direct services, education, and research. Services range from developing board and executive leadership to strategic planning to clarifying state and federal rules that regulate nonprofit organizations. Education includes creating and delivering presentations and workshops to professionals from across the state, as well as teaching a series of courses at the University of Iowa. Research involves quantitative and qualitative analyses of data that inform on sector conditions and trends. The activities of the INRC are made possible by a strong network of public and private partners and supporters.

In FY 2018, more than 1,000 nonprofit leaders participated in an INRC workshop or lecture. The INRC provided guidance to over 200 organizations on a host of issues including management, board governance, tax filing requirements, and more. Quarterly publications featured stories on topics ranging from improving board performance to succession planning and was circulated to over 1,500 subscribers and read by thousands more online. Along with several partners, the INRC delivered the state’s largest nonprofit conference in the fall of 2017 that featured over forty workshops and was attended by hundreds of nonprofit leaders from across the state.

The appropriation received in FY 2009 of $207,548 has since been reduced by $45,009 to $162,539 for FY 2018 and further reduced to $158,641 for FY 2019. This funding supports 2.15 FTEs.

  • This funding fully supports our creative media developer. The developer manages a website that had over 21,000 unique users in FY 2018 and is undergoing significant updates for FY 2019. The developer edits a quarterly publication, maintains the Iowa Register of Accountability, curates the Iowa Grants Guide, and assists with content and editing for publications. For FY 2019, the developer will help create a series of online tutorials focused on contemporary nonprofit issues.
  • This funding partially supports a program assistant. The assistant maintains a client database, responds to client inquiries, and distributes important informational resources directly to Iowa nonprofits. The assistant also supports the director on projects—including the assembly of program materials and the compiling of survey data.
  • A portion of this appropriation also supports a director. The director is responsible for leading all aspects of the INRC. The director delivers presentations and workshops, works one-on-one with individual organizations, teaches courses at the University of Iowa, researches and authors content for publication, forges mutually beneficial collaborations, and more. New in FY 2018 was the opening of the INRC’s office in Des Moines at the Iowa Center for Higher Education to better serve Iowans.

The INRC’s work improves nonprofit leadership, organization, and management in the state at a time when the demands on the charitable and philanthropic sector continue to grow. A budget reduction may negatively impact the valuable services the INRC provides. The INRC is currently working on several strategies to enable it to continue many of its services if such a reduction were to take place, as well as making efforts to further strengthen the sector through additional public and private partnerships.