Primary Care Initiative Budget Narrative

State Appropriation $624,374


The appropriation for the Primary Care Initiative (PCI) for FY 2024 is $624,374, the same as FY 2023. The Carver College of Medicine Office of Statewide Clinical Education Programs (OSCEP) operates four continuing programs with this appropriation. These initiatives fill important gaps in the state’s efforts to educate, retain and track health professionals.


Program allocations are as follows:

  • Department of Family Medicine Faculty and Staff                             $245,243
  • Regional Medical Education Centers Grant Program                        $166,600
  • Iowa Health Professions Inventory                                                       $ 76,109
  • Rural Physician Support Program                                                         $136,422

                                                                                                                              TOTAL  $624,374

$245,243– Faculty and Staff Salaries and Benefits for UI Department of Family Medicine

Salary support is provided to the Department of Family Medicine.  This money is appropriated and designated by the legislature to provide ongoing support to the UI Family Medicine Department.

$166,600 – Regional Medical Education Center (RMEC) Grants

The Regional Medical Education Center (RMEC) Grants total $166,600. The RMECs are located at Davenport, Mason City, Sioux City and Waterloo, each receiving $41,650 from this fund. This funding supports the sites efforts to coordinate medical education of assigned UI Carver College of Medicine undergraduate medical students. This experience supports efforts to expose students to an experience in Iowa communities. Additionally, these sites all support the education of physician assistant and pharmacy students as well as medical residents from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. This also includes funding to support lodging for the students.

$203,612 – Office of Statewide Clinical Education, Salaries and Benefits

Salary and benefits are to support the staff within the Iowa Health Professions Inventory and the Rural Physician Support Program.  This includes the utilization of two part time graduate students for $54,184 to achieve the goals of the program.

$8,919 – General Expenses/Travel

This funding supports a part of the significant travel required for OSCEP staff and publication costs of an Opportunities Directory. The Opportunities Directory is provided to residents (Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Psychiatry as well as for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants) in Iowa to make them aware of all the existing job opportunities to stay in Iowa. This has been a well-received document supporting recruitment to all of Iowa communities and has been effective in recruitment efforts.