Oakdale Campus Budget Narrative

The Oakdale Campus budget outlines the distribution of appropriations and other income components to the University of Iowa for the operation of the Oakdale Campus.  Budget decisions were made in accordance with goals and objectives set forth in the University Strategic Plan.  The Oakdale Campus budget is designed to provide a working environment to stimulate research, outreach, and support activities on the Oakdale Campus.  This budget supports significant building, utility and maintenance costs associated with space occupied by the State Hygienic Lab and other specialized research facilities.


Total projected revenue is $2,780,000

              State Appropriations – 76%

              Reimbursed Indirect Costs – 24%

State appropriations for FY 2024 ($2,103,819) remains flat from last fiscal year.


Salaries:  Salaries for Operations and Maintenance in the Oakdale Campus include Building Maintenance, Landscape Services and Custodial Services.  Salaries comprise 50% of the Oakdale Campus Budget.

Utilities:  Utilities comprise 37% of the Oakdale Campus Budget. The GEF Oakdale subsidy budget remained the same as prior fiscal year.

All Other Expenses:  All other expenses are 13% of the Oakdale Campus Budget. This includes equipment, materials and services that are required to maintain an environment to conduct research, primarily used in the Building Maintenance, Landscape Services and Custodial Services operations.