Iowa Flood Center Budget Narrative

State Appropriation $1,200,000

The Iowa Flood Center (IFC) at the University of Iowa provides Iowans with accurate, state-of-the-art science–based information to help individuals and communities better understand their flood risks. The IFC’s overarching objective is to improve flood monitoring and prediction capabilities in Iowa, while studying and developing strategies to reduce and manage floods.

The FY 2018 funds will be used to provide support for faculty, staff, researchers, and graduate students who dedicate their time to the mission and work of the Iowa Flood Center. The IFC will use the FY 2018 appropriation, along with additional grant funding from agencies, to support projects that include:

  • Host and continue to refine and add new tools to The Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS)—an easy-to-use online application to provide real-time information on watersheds, precipitation, and stream levels across the state;
  • Continue to maintain instrumentation and dataplans for over 200 stream stage sensors across the state;
  • Continue to improve upon, add, and maintain rain gauge and soil moisture/temperature monitoring platforms deployed in watersheds across the state in partnership with other IIHR projects (i.e. the Iowa Watersheds Project) and with other external partners;
  • Continued development of high-resolution, web-based flood inundation maps (The IFC will finish flood inundation maps started in FY17; no new maps will be started in FY18 due to funding cuts.);
  • Continue watershed-scale research to understand how small-scale mitigation projects can reduce flood damage in a watershed (in conjunction with the Iowa Watershed Approach);
  • Education of graduate students; and
  • Organization of public outreach programs, press releases, and other activities to share IFC tools and information with the general public.