Annual Budget Process

Salary Program

Documents related to the upcoming budget year salary policy.

FY23 Fringe Conversion Calculator

Tool to calculate how one category of budget dollars converts to another category when the two categories have different fringe rates.

FY23 Budget Development Schedule

last updated 4/21/2022

Date Item

IPlan open for FY23 Budget Input -- All Funds

includes HR data through April 1st Payroll (loaded 3/30/2022)

4/30/2022 FY22 Recurring Budget (ATR) Adjustments Due (no more adjustments for FY22)
5/20/2022 Spring BRB Meeting -- Finalize FY23 CEA       
5/20/2022 IPlan Updated with final Org Level GEF Target Budgets  
5/23/2022 HR Salary Setting Application open for July 1 Salary Increases/MFK adjustments
6/1-6/2/2022 Board of Regents Meeting/1st Reading of Tuition Rates
6/3/2022 HR Salary Setting Application closed
6/15/2022  5pm

FY23 Budgets Due -- All Funds

IPlan Closed for Update

Special Purpose Appropr Narratives due to Budget Office

Labor Adj Calculations Due (Facilities, Oakdale, Hygienic Lab, ITS, UIHC)

7/1/2022 Institutional Budget Submissions Due to Board Office (Final budgets and related forms)    
7/27/2022 Board of Regents Meeting/2nd Reading of Tuition Rates/Approval of Final Budget