Annual Budget Process

Budget Process Flowcharts

Flowcharts outlining the annual operating budget process, including the budget approval process.  Also contains a visual depiction of expense, revenue, and reallocation development for the annual operating budget.

 Salary Program

Documents related to the upcoming budget year salary policy.

Budget and Salary Planning Application 

Self-Service application designed to update new fiscal year salaries for Human Resources and new general ledger budgets for selected funds for the budget year.  The User Manual provides more detailed information about how to use the application. 

Fringe Conversion Calculator

Tool to calculate how one category of budget dollars converts to another category when the two categories have different fringe rates.

Budget Schedule (FY 2014)

Date Item
Apr 18 (Thur) Budget Schedule and Preliminary Budget Instructions from Board of Regents Office
April 24/April 25  (Wed/Thurs) Board of Regents Meeting
May 7 (Tues) Preliminary Institutional Budget Issues submissions due to Board Office
June 05 (Wed) Board of Regents Meeting/Approval of Salary Policy
June 06 (Thurs) Initial GL & HR load to the Budget & Salary Application
Jun 07 (Fri) University's Budget Letter and Salary Guidelines to Campus (True & Butler)
Jun 10 (Mon) On Campus Budget Process Begins
Jun 12 (Tues) Daily Download from HR begins
Jun 25 (Tues) Last Daily Download from HR to sink with Payroll cutoff
TBD Preliminary Institutional budget submissions due to Board Office
TBD Final Institutional budget submissions due to Board Office (Final budgets and related forms)    
Aug 8 (Thur) Board of Regents Meeting/Approval of Final Budget